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A note from Herb Johns on Herbstone

My hypertufa products, which I call Herbstone, are unique in the world of hypertufa. The products are very strong, lighter in weight than traditional concrete, and will last for many years. I have created a large line of traditional planters - both troughs and urns. These are attractive in their simplicity. Some have a  natural surface, while others are textured. From these simple, traditional planters have evolved a series of embellished planters. These troughs are decorated with greenmen, gnomes and caricatures. These embellishments are all one of a kind as they are all hand built on the surface of the pots. The only limit is my imagination! Another original concept are my sphere planters. They can be purchased singly, but are most effective when displayed in three assorted sizes. You can also purchase the spheres without the planting holes. They then become a piece of garden art, replicating what is often seen in English gardens. Staddle stones are another replica of English garden art. I have also been designing many hypertufa items to attract wild life - bird baths, feeders, and houses and butterfly bowls. The bird houses and feeders can be simple and functional or embellished. Herbstone masks are another type of our hypertufa art. They range from traditional greenmen to bizarre caricatures. If you look long enough, you might even find someone you know! The hypertufa leaves can be used as garden art or for watering bowls for birds or butterflies. Hypertufa garden art naturally enhances any garden.