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Botanical Name Common Name Exposure Size  Bloom Time Flower Color Comment
Salix integra 'Hakuro-nishiki'
Dappled Japanese Willow Sun to Part Shade 4 Ft. if pruned  variegated pink, white and green foliage
Salix udensis 'Sekka' Japanese Fantail Willow Sun 12 Ft. Spring White unique, flat, twisted, pussy-willow branches used in floral arrangements
Salvia ‘Ballerina Pink’
Sage Sun 18 to 20 in by 16 to 18 in Early Summer Pink Soft pink flowers are held by dark mauve pink calyxes. 
Salvia nemorosa ‘Caradonna’ Sage Sun 24 to 30 In. Summer to Fall Violet-Blue blue-violet flowers on glowing purple stems
Salvia nemorosa ‘Rose Marvel’
Meadow Sage Sun 10 to 12 in by 10 to 12 in Spring to Summer Pink Largest flowers of any pink Salvia - Reblooms without dead heading
Salvia nemorosa LyricalTM Rose Sage Sun 22 to 24 by 18 to 20 in Spring to Summer Pink  compact, well-branched habit and long-blooming period
Salvia nemorosa MARCUS Sage Sun 10 to 12 In. Summer to Fall Violet-Blue A shorter version of 'May Night' ~ has a compact, dense habit
Saponaria ocymoides Rock Soapwort Sun to Part Shade 3 In. Spring to Summer Pink nice draped over walls ~ heavy flowering 
Saxifraga x arendsii TouranTM Scarlet
Creeping Saxifrage Part Shade to Shade 4 to 6 in by 6 to 12 in Spring Red Tons of scarlet-red flowers in spring - Evergreen foliage
Sedum ‘Autumn Fire’ Stonecrop Sun 2 to 3 ft by 2 ft Summer to Fall Rose Clusters of tight rosy pink flowers  age to  salmon bronze and end with a dark  coppery red in fall. 
 ‘Lemon Ball’
Stonecrop Sun 4 in Spring to Summer Yellow  chartreuse mounding/trailing succulent foliage spills nicely from containers or over a raised border edge.
Sedum adolphii ‘Firestorm’
Golden Sedum Sun 4 to 8 in Summer White TROPICAL - golden-yellow leaves are thick and succulent with pinkish-peach margins
Sedum album ‘Coral Carpet’ White Stonecrop Sun 3 to 6 In by 6 to 9 In. Early Summer Pink flushed white New growth emerges salmon-orange, matures to bright green
Sedum dasyphyllum ‘Major’   Corsican Stonecrop Sun to Part Shade 2 to 4 In by 8 to 12 In. Early Summer Pink flushed white Forms a low carpet of small, fleshy, powder blue leaves, with pale pink flowers - a fast grower
Sedum japonicum  ‘Tokyo Sun’
Stonecrop Sun to Part Shade 3 in Summer Yellow TROPICAL -  tiny, low growing Sedum that has brilliant gold foliage - best color in full sun
Sedum kamtschaticum var. floriferum 'Weihenstephaner Gold' Stonecrop Sun to Part Shade 3 In. Summer Yellow a nice mat former ~ leaves have a bronze cast
Sedum ocholeucum ‘Red Wiggle’ Stonecrop Sun 3 to 5 in Summer Yellow Bicolor appearance, tips are green and mature growth is red - red fall color
Sedum sieboldii  October Daphne or Stonecrop Sun to Part Shade 8 In. Summer to Fall Pink blue-green foliage ~ low growing, mound shaped sedum with scalloped, eucalyptus-like leaves 
Sedum sourium ‘Voodoo’
Stonecrop Sun 6 in Summer Pink dark bronze-red foliage - Bright pink flowers in summer - Low-growing ground cover
Sedum spurium ‘Dragon’s Blood’ Stonecrop Sun 4 to 6 in by 10 to 12 in Summer to Fall Red short, attractive mat  and when it blooms, you have a carpet of sparkling purple.
Sedum spurium ‘Fuldaglut’ Caucasian Stonecrop Sun 3 In by 3 to 18 In. Late Summer Rose green leaves with bronzy-maroon highlights.
Sempervivum ‘Cinnamon Starburst’ Hen and Chicks Sun to Part Shade 2 in by 6 to 8 in Summer Pink outer leaves of rosette are deep cinnamon red that circles the inner bright green foliage
Sempervivum ‘Red Rubin’
Hen and Chicks Sun to Part Shade 4 to 6 in Summer to Fall Pink Large mounded burgundy-red petals form rosettes around green centers..
Sempervivum ‘Rocknoll Rosette’ Hen and Chicks Sun 3 to 4 in by 6 to 8 in Summer Pink deep orange to wine red leaves flushed apple green at the base
Sempervivum 'Carmen'
Hens and Chicks Sun 3 to 4 In. Summer pink foliage is green with red and purple
Senecio serpens 
Blue Chalk Sticks Sun 12 in Summer White TROPICAL - low growing succulent has powdery blue leaves that stand vertically like fingers
Spirea 'Golden Elf'   Spirea Sun 8 In.     seldom flowers - beautiful smaller spirea
Spirea japonica ‘Gold Mound’ Spirea Sun to Part Shade 2 to 3 Ft by 4 Ft Spring to Summer Pink Vibrant golden spring foliage, accented by clusters of pink flowers
Spirea japonica 'Goldflame’ Spirea Sun to Part Shade 3 to 4 Ft by 3 to 4 Ft Summer Pink gold foliage with red tips
Spirea japonica ‘Nana’ Daphne or Alpine Spirea Sun 15 in by 12 to 36 in Spring to Summer Pink low spreading groundcover form. Small bluish green leaves on short branches with clusters of light pink  flowers.
Spirea japonica ‘Neon Flash’ Spirea Sun 3 Ft. Spring, Summer & Fall Magenta rich purple-green new growth 
Spirea japonica Magic Carpet Spirea Sun 2 Ft. Summer Pink a smaller version of Goldflame
Spirea thunbergii ‘Ogon’ Spirea Sun 3 to 4 Ft. by 4 Ft. Spring White bright yellow, small, willow-like leaves ~ a beautiful bronze colored foliage in fall
Stachys minima Betony Sun 3 to 6 In. Summer Mauve very floriferous ~ forms a dense mound of dark green foliage
Stachys officinalis ‘Densiflorus’ Dwarf Betony Sun to Part Shade 8 to 10 in byh 12 to 15 in Summer Mauve  dense, compact rosettes of green foliage.
Stachys officinalis ‘Hummelo’ Betony Sun to Part Shade 2 Ft. Late Spring Rose forms a low growing clump
Stokesia laevis  ‘Mary Gregory’ Stokes’ Aster Full Sun to Full Shade 1 to 2 ft Summer to Fall Yellow  soft creamy-yellow flowers over large mound of rich green foliage.
Stokesia laevis ‘Colorwheel’ Stokes’ Aster Sun 1.5 to 2 ft by 1 to 1.5 ft Summer to Fall White aging to lavender and purple multi-colored flowers blooming on same plant at same time
Stokesia laevis ‘Divinity’
Stokes’ Aster Sun to Part Shade 12 to 14 in by 12 to 15 in Summer to Fall White Flowers open with a hint of yellow and mature to a pure white. 
Stokesia laevis ‘Honeysong Purple’ Stokes’ Aster Sun 14 in Summer to Fall Purple 3 inch purple flowers with deeply serrated edges
Stokesia laevis ‘Peachies Pick’ Stokes’ Aster Sun 12 to 18 In by 18 to 20 In Summer to Fall Purple very compact and has incredible flower power - a long bloomer
Syringa  patula 'Miss Kim' Miss Kim Lilac Sun 4 Ft. Late Spring Lavender dwarf, compact lilac
Syringa pubescens subsp. julianae ‘Red Pixie’ Lilac Sun 4 to 6 ft Spring Pink Dark reddish-purple blooms age to a pale pink

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