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Hypertufa Products

Pre-order Annuals for Mid May

Over the years we have received many compliments on the beautiful containers and hanging baskets in our gardens. They are carefree and bloom beautifully all season without missing a beat. We have always sold small amounts of these annuals, but this year we will also be accepting advance orders. Orders may be mailed, phoned, or emailed.  Plants may be paid for when they are picked up. Order early to ensure availability. Plants will be ready by mid-May and must be picked up by the end of May. All are chosen for color compatibility. View our annual selections.

Plants are in 3 inch pots and are $3.75 each, 4 for $14 or $58.50 for a flat of 18. You may mix plants in the flat.

All of our annuals are Jackson Perkins Proven Winners and excel. They are vigorous growers and provide a riot of color throughout the season with little care.  We do have some advice to help your plants reach their full potential.

Hints for Best Annual Performance

  1. Choose high quality plants that do not require deadheading and pinching.  All the plants that we sell are sterile and do not have to have the dead flowers removed.  They are self-cleaning.

  2. Choose a good soil less planting mix.  We will be selling bags of our own custom planting mix.  It contains bark, peat moss, perlite, and sand.  We also add 9 month release Osmocote (a slow release fertilizer), superphosphate, ground limestone and a wetting agent.

  3. Make sure that your plants do not dry out.  To retain more moisture we line our containers (both rigid pots and fiber lined baskets) with disposable baby diapers (plastic side down).  We also place small plastic containers in the bottom of the pot to act as mini reservoirs by holding more water without giving the plant totally wet feet.  See sketch.

  4. Invest in an inexpensive moisture meter. This tells you when a plant is starting to dry out.  Our larger pots in full sun get watered 2 to 3 times per week in hot weather.  Small pots need it more often.  Moisture meters are available for under $10 in the house plant section of large stores.

  5. While our planting mix contains a 9 month fertilizer, it does not always last the entire season as it can be leached out prematurely from excess watering.  If the plants show a slight decline, use a liquid fertilizer once or twice late in the season.

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