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Our Soil
and other Ingredients for Success
Product Price List
Soil is available at the house before the nursery opens.  Call for hours.

Over the years we have developed our own custom formula for a potting media.

We offer this soilless mix for sale.  We particularly recommend it for container planting. It is one of the reasons our annual containers do so well.

All of our nursery plants are potted in this mix.  The only change is that plants that prefer drier conditions and sharper drainage are planted in the same media, but it has been amended with additional perlite.

Our soilless potting mix contains the following: peat moss, perlite, bark, sand, Osmocote (a nine month slow release fertilizer), super phosphate, ground limestone (a pH buffer) and a wetting agent. Superphosphate is an ingredient in our soil mix and we also add more in the planting hole whenever we plant in the garden. We used this in our early years as vegetable gardeners. It is present in the soil naturally, but not in optimal amounts.  Superphosphate plays an important role in plant reproduction (fruit or seed development),  root development and bloom production.  We see a marked difference in our gardens with the use of sujperphosphate.

Another product that we strongly recommend is SUPERthrive®.  All plants in our nursery were watered with  SUPERthrive® when planted.  It is a mixture of essential vitamins that jump start young plants and gives a boost to mature plants - especially if under any stress.  SUPERthrive® speeds the development of a strong root system and helps reduce transplant shock.

We find the above three products extremely important in growing plants that adapt well to their new environment, grow strong and healthy and make a beautiful addition to any garden or container.

Another tool that we find useful in monitoring our containers is a moisture meter. It takes the guesswork out of determining the moisture needs of plants.  Optimal moisture levels is critical,  Too much water is as harmful as not enough.