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Why Plant Phlox?

There is nothing more colorful in the garden than a stand of Garden Phlox. Many of the Phlox that we grow are cultivars of our native Phlox paniculata. Some are dwarf members of the Flame Series. Their smaller stature makes them easier to site in the garden. They are usually disease resistant and form an upright, compact plant in the garden. These fragrant beauties prefer a sunny or party sunny site and provide abundant blooms from summer into fall. Removing spent flowers will result in continued flowering. Garden Phlox are occasionally eaten by deer. Hummingbirds and butterflies seek them out. The array of colors in the Flame Series is breathtaking!

Phlox stolonifera is another native plant that provides a beautiful carpet of color in the spring shade garden. We use this as a groundcover between Hosta, Hellebores and other shade lovers. They are quite evergreen and easy to care for. Cut off dead flowers for a neater appearance.

Both types of native phlox deserve a place in your garden!

Phlox Pink Flame (Flame Series)


Phlox Red Flame (Flame Series)

Image courtesy of  Gardenworld  Inc.

Phlox Purple Flame (Flame Series)

Image courtesy of  Gardenworld  Inc.

Phlox Coral Flame (Flame Series)

Image courtesy of  Gardenworld  Inc.
Phlox White with Red Eye Flame

Image courtesy of  Gardenworld  Inc.

Phlox paniculata Early StartTM Purple Eye
Phlox paniculata  ‘Blue Paradise’
Phlox stolonifera 'Sherwood Purple'

Image courtesy of Aris Horticulture, Inc.

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