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Dwarf Asiatic Lilies

Nothing adds a more dramatic and colorful accent to a perennial garden in mid-summer than these lilies!  They are colorful, short in stature and extremely easy to grow.  They come back reliably year after year.  They prefer a full or partly sunny location.  The number of flowering stems increases every year.  These dwarf Asiatics are also popular because of the large number of flowers per stem. Hummingbirds are attracted to them.

Lilium asiatic hybrid  ‘Tiny Diamond’ 12 to 14 in
Lilium asiatic hybrid  ‘Tiny Epic’ 14 to 16 in
Lilium asiatic hybrid ‘Tiny Pearl’ 16 im
Lilium asiatica ‘Tiny Hope’ 18 in
Lilium asiatica ‘Tiny Nugget’ 12 to 14 in
Lilium asiatica ‘Tiny Orange Sensation 14 to 18 in

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