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Why Plant Lavender?

The aromatic scent of lavender is one recognized by all. Gardening with herbs adds another dimension to your garden - the sense of smell. These wonderfully fragrant herbs are native to the Mediterranean region and prefer hot, sunny areas, lean soil and excellent drainage for success.  Lavender prefers a neutral to slightly alkaline soil.  If acid, add lime. Lavender is actually a subshrub and should be pruned as such. Cut back to 6 to 8 inches in the Spring as soon as the leaves start to emerge. It may be pruned lightly after flowering to remove dead flower stalks and to shape. Do not cut into old wood at this time. Do not prune in the fall. A mulch of gravel helps to keep plants drier and reduces the possibility of rot. Grow this old-fashioned favorite to add thr beautiful scent and attractive flowers to your garden.

Lavandula  ‘Essence of Purple’ 18 inches tall
lLavandula x intermedia  ‘Phenomenal’

 Image courtesy of  North Creek Nurseries
24 to 32 inches tall
Lavandula angustifolia  ‘Blue
16 inches

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