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Why Plant Baptisia (False Indigo)?

Baptisia are among the aristocrats of the perennial garden.  These sturdy, easy to grow native  plants add a wonderful punch of color to the border.  The species, Baptisia australis, is a beautiful dark blue-violet in color.  These deer resistant, drought tolerant, native plants usually obtain a height in the area of 3 feet.  All of the Baptisia attract butterflies. After flowering, their beautiful, large black seed pods add another season of interest. The more recent introductions which offer a wide array of colors have increased their popularity to an even greater level.  Each cultivar is a unique beauty. Baptisia are extremely low maintenance. In poor dry soil there is little attention needed. All you do is cut them to the ground in either fall or early spring.  If your soil is richer or if they are extremely happy, they may flop a little after flowering or may be too wide for their spot.  If this happens, cut them to the ground as soon as the flowers fade. You lose the extra added interest of the seed pods, but they will bounce back and produce a low flush of leaves that is attractive well into the fall. All of the Baptisia are winners!

Baptisia australis

Image courtesy of  Walters  Gardens Inc.

Baptisia ‘Solar Flare’ (Prairieblue Series)

Image courtesy of  Walters  Gardens Inc.
  Baptisia ‘Grape Taffy’  

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