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 A Note from Herb  Johns

Plants and people are certainly different, but they have many similarities.  Both need a good environment to thrive. Each needs food and water to live and grow. Both plants and people are happy and productive when nurtured and loved.  Conditions must be optimized for success.  For plants these conditions include the amount of sunlight, moisture and nutrients. The one thing the gardener has control over is the nutrient level. Plants need nitrogen as well as minerals, vitamins and the correct pH. Although some of these amounts are very small, they are still very crucial for the plants well-being. We are very careful to make sure that each plant we grow receives all they require to be happy and robust.

Over the years we have developed our own custom formula for a potting media. All of our plants are potted in this mix.  The only change is that plants that prefer drier conditions and sharper drainage are planted in the same media, but it has been amended with additional perlite. All of our plants offered for sale have also been watered with Superthrive.

Click here for more info about our soil.

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